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About EFA

European Futsal Association (EFA) is a international sportive organization that was created to promote the Futsal  mainly in Europe and support its growth in the rest of the continents, offering to his sympathetic members high-quality international championships.

There is not annual membership fee.

There is not a limit of sympathetic members per country.


We do not wish to be seen in opposition to any other recognised body that have the same goal of developing and promoting Futsal across the world.

The philosophy of our entity, is to promote the Independent Futsal without exclusions, being able to participate in free international events all kinds of clubs, teams or national teams, without having into account the National or International Entity to which they belong.

The main championship of the EFA is the Open EFA World Intercontinental Cup of Futsal, (Club’s World Futsal Cup), in which participating teams come from all over the world.

All championships are played under FIFA rules.

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